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Items Specifications :


The Himapant Lion Statuette Long Neck mold, Chin takua lead material, nice original skin. ready to wear in Waterproof casing. Size1.5 x 2 Cm. This item Come with samakom cert of authenticity made on yeat B.E.2521 (1978)

  • Creator 师傅/庙名: LP GUAY or KUAY Wat KoSiTaRam
  • Years made 年份 : B.E.2521 or 1978 A.D
  • Main Material 原料 : Tin foil (Takue)
  • Good Effective for : Power command and favoured by superiors boss colleague
  • Size : See on photo, if not clear please email me
  • FrameCase : As Show on listing, if not show please email me

* Come with Certification guarantee card*.

LP Kuay Wat Kositaram Singha BE.2521 Ner Takua with Waterproof wrap + Cert Samakom

One of the most highly sought after and extremely rare amulets of Luang Por Guay, the Singh Kor Yaw long neck Singha Himapant Lion cast metal statuette. This Pim is in Nuea Dtakua sacred Alchemical Leaden Alloy, which is most preferred for the fact that this series was cast by Luang Por Guay himself with his own hand.

The Rachasri in Leaden Alloy is considered the most original and beautiful, for it was the only edition cast and designed by Luang Por Guay, whereas all other series editions were commissioned by an artisan. Also highly regarded for its Alchemical Mercurial Alloy with Powerful Elemental Magic, considered to be an extremely powerful conductor for Magical Energies.

Luang Por Guay Chudtintaro (2448 BE - 2522 BE) was a powerful Sorceror Monk and Sak Yant Master with infamous powers of Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad Magic, whose large pantheon of Buddhist Votive Tablets and Krueang Rang Talismanic Occult Charms are amongst the fastest disappearing amulets of the Present Era, since a massive increase in faithful devotees in recent years, have begun to deplete the amulets from public circulation.

Recommended to Uses Singha, it very good powerful for?

-Become to Authority?

-Hold your wealth

-Fetch wealth

-Power to Command.

-Balance Status

-Impose Respect.?

-Protection and? Invincible

-Professional Success

-Faster Growt up Promotion .?

LP kuay amulets are highly sought after and price keep increasing every now and then ! Get it fast before it increases again , Don't Miss it!!

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This is a very fine amulet piece, it was incantation and bless with Good powerful magic.

KHATA for this item:No need to pray Khata.

It is a mantras phonetic Praying word to consecrate and control power of this item. If temple give khata with item. I will do it to audio MP3 file and send to buyer within 7day after package ship out. If buyer not received please email to Ask me again.T

More information of this item:

Additional information of? Tiger symbol in thai amulet.

Tiger in thailand called as SEIR it is knowed and Belived the amulet still have spirit and power of Grate big animal inside. them can protect danger and bling owner escape from bad thing in life.

The amazing power of tiger may for super natural powers, protection and invulnerability. it is very good for hunters.

?Optional for this item (Additional)

  • Add Nylon necklace string for wear. Click Here
  • Add Stainless steel necklace string for wear. Click Here
  • Put in a? Metal? FRAME CASE fit for wear. Click Here
  • Do a waterproof frame case for wear. Click Here
  • Do Verify and get a Certificate of authentic card?Click Here

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  • please packing the return package as well as in original condition, because if item damage on delivery i can not accepted and package will be return to the sender.

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