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LP SUK / SOOK Wat PakKlongMaKamTao
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Items Specifications :



  • Creator 师傅/庙名: LP SUK / SOOK Wat PakKlongMaKamTao
  • Years made 年份 : Ancient age Old made
  • Main Material 原料 : BAI-LAN (Clay mixed with Herb)
  • Good Effective for : Richly, lucky money wealthy, increase salaries faster
  • Size : See on photo, if not clear please email me
  • FrameCase : As Show on listing, if not show please email me

* Come with Certification guarantee card*.

LP SUK's amulets were opened at kru 60 years (at the main buddha statue) Krongkhom in B.E.2520 and then new amulets continued to be discovered for several years. There are very few amount of amulets available as many Experience Collectors have collected these amulets since then.

This is a century old ( 100 Year old ) very powerful and very very rare amulet made by one of the Greatest Monks who ever and it had been blessed by some of the top 5 monks who ever lived.

This is a die die do not miss amulet to wear , treasure and pass down to our future generations for sure.

Phra Somdej Rasami (Enlightment )Lp Suk Wat Pakklongmakhamtao for Wat Klongkhom B.E.around 2460. This Amulet is Aged 100 years old. Once of the best of Thailand's amulet. Guaranteed Genuine this amulet comes with DD PHRA Certificate card of Authenticity for your buying piece of mind.

The Phra Somdej Rasami amulets are extremely powerful have been through intensive blessings and created by Luangpu SUK Wat Pakrongmakarmtao.

Thai people have open the kru since B.E.2520 and these amulets have admired by many experienced collectors for decades.

Posted in many magazines, this is the Genuine Lp.SUK's Phra Somdej 100 years authenticated and comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

Luangpu SUK created this batch in B.E.2460, Luangpor Aum(his disciple) and the Excess amulets not given out were placed in the kru of Krongkhom. (Kru = Pit under the pagoda).

When Luangpu SUK was still alive, he had been invited by many temples to visit the ceremonies to consecrate holy items. Luangpu SUK created this batch in purpose to help gain donations to build the Temple at Wat Krongkhom

Luangpu SUK followed the same way Somdej Toh create Phra Somdej Pimjawragar the black Phra Somdej, on each of book palm leafs he wrote with his yant spell letters and on the old scrolls boosk made from book palm leafs.

Having done so, he collected them all together and then Luangpu SUK burned them into black holy ash, while he was doing that he did walking meditation around the fire together with Luangpor Aum.

It is believed that in this way it will make the ingredients extremely effective for the purpose of good health and the wearer will become invincible.

Phra Somdej Ner-Phong-Khan-Sorb wrote with yants spell letters using white chalk and rubbed it out mixing it into the white holy powder mixed with Pong ittijay the main holy powder used in creating the amulet mixed with Tung-Aew oils.

This amulet bring Great Protection and Good Fortune to the wearer, protecting from all dangers and Misfortune , Evils/Darkness, Phra Somdej blessings will bring great respect, ( Maha Amnaj Barami ) and Great Popularity and love ( Metta Mahaniyom ) from all who behold the wearer of the amulet.

These amulets are very similar to Phra Somdej amulets made by Somdej Toh founded at Wat Barngkhunphrom(Wat Intraviharn in B.E.2500+).

When they had finished making these amulets out from the mold, They were then daily chanted over intensively for a period of 1 trimarth (3 months).

According to evidence recorded at Krongkhom and the Local people of Sarm Chuk province, there was a Grand Consecration Ceremony of these amulets in B.E.2460.

In this Grand Consecration Ceremony in attendance was Luang phor Aum as an Abbot of the temple and Luang pu SUK who was presiding over as the leader Monk of the ceremony.

In this ceremony there were many monks who had joined from Supanburi province, Chainarth province and all around the region.

The well known monks that joined this ceremony are

Luang Phor Boi Wat Manao,

Luang Phor Aim Wat Hua Kao,

and the Legendary Luang Phor Parn Wat Barng Nom Pho

These amulets was given for free to those who came to the ceremony and donators who help build the Temple.

After the ceremony, there were some left over holy powder amulets so Luang pu SUK decide to put them in the "kru" for future explansion of the temple, one at Chukchee under the main buddha statue inside the Temple and one under the pit of pagoda in front of the Temple.

At the kru, it's was inscribed and written "Luangpu SUK's amulets kru" and mentioned as Luang pu SUK's amulet from old kru Krongkhom Supanburi.

Some of The ingredients used came from the following Materials

1) Rein Lor, mixed metals type alloy more to brass.

Phra Somdej amulets riding kruith(garuda), crushed into powder from many mold types.

Luangpu SUK also took some amulets with him to give to people at Chainarth province.

2) Ner-Phong-Bai-Larn, the famous bookpalm leafs black holy powder,

crushed powder from the grey black colour image of PhraSomdej Russamee Buddha meditation on 3 bases amulet.

3) White Holy powder Pong Puthamman which consists of the standard mixing of powders derived from crushing old amulets like Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang with ittijay holy powders.

There was only one pim(mold) made using the powders of the following the amulets

Phra Somdej Khansorb,

Phra Somdej Khangrom,

Phra Pidta Luang Phor Toh both big and small Phim size and the special pim Phra Somdej Toh Wat Rakhang.

4) Holy powder from the crushed Phra Somdej amulets that were pinkish red in colour, many pims were used and each was very rare even in those times.

All these very powerful and rare amulets were used to make this very special Phim of the amulet

LP Suk of Wat PakKlongMaKamTao, Chai Nat province was perhaps the greatest Wicha master of modern times. He was famous for his amazing powers of transformation and they were the stuff of many legends. The most famous legends were the one where he transformed elephants belonging to some arrogant merchants into houseflies and another where he transformed a man into a crocodile. The latter story was widely reported in Thailand during that time and there were many witnesses who saw the event. LP Suk had many disciples but his favorite one was of course Prince Chumpon, founder of the Thai Navy.

LP Suk was born in 1847 (BE.2390) in the northern part of Chai Nat province. In the reign of His Majesty King Rama IV. He ordained as a Monk at the age of 20.
Luang Phor Suk studied Dhamma and Samadhi at Wat Pho Thong Lang.

He met many guru masters during his travel in Tudong and he learned Wicha from them. One of the guru masters who taught him Wicha was Achan Thum Wua Daeng. Achan Thum Wua Daeng is also the teacher who has ever taught Luang Phor Ngern of Wat Bang Khlan in Pichit province.

After many years in Tudong. His parents urged him to remain in home town and rebuilt the temple, and became the abbot of Wat Pak Klong Makham Thao.

LP Suk was revered as having great spiritual power and was the royal teacher of H.R.H. Krom Luang Chumporn Khet Udomsak, who was the son of His Majesty King Rama IV. One of his abilities is his power and magic to change any objects into different sizes. He has never taught anyone, except Krom Luang Chumporn Khet Udomsak. Until today nobody know about this skill.
He passed away in 1917 (BE.2460) at age of 70

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素攀武里府 克隆崆佛寺 佛历2456-2460年
琶崆玛勘滔佛寺 龙婆蜀 率领督造加持
大约在佛历2450年时,龙婆Oum(当时克隆崆佛寺主持)为了要筹建大雄宝殿基金,便向师傅 琶崆玛勘滔佛寺 龙婆蜀求助,结果龙婆蜀答应了徒弟的要求,
邦农克佛寺 龙婆班
玛瑙佛寺 龙婆吥爱
华考佛寺 龙婆殷

This is a very fine amulet piece, it was incantation and bless with Good powerful magic.

KHATA for this item:MP3 available (Download).

It is a mantras phonetic Praying word to consecrate and control power of this item. If temple give khata with item. I will do it to audio MP3 file and send to buyer within 7day after package ship out. If buyer not received please email to Ask me again.T

More information of this item:

PHA-SOMDEJ is name of Buddha? seated on 3 row seat Amulet of Enlightenment and Prosperity

Material: These PHA-SOMDEJ talismans have been created from a combination of more than 100 different types of soil and spiritual materials. These materials have been treated and combined with the power of 9 spiritual incantations, 9 ceremonies, and 9 temple blessings. These talismans are rare and difficult to find.

The PHA-SOMDEJ talismans are engraved by a series of magical alphabet seals that enhance its power.

Function:? The power of the Buddha is linked to the tremendous enlightenment that he experienced while in the body.? PHA-SOMDEJ talisman is one of two that we have been able to procure.

In Thailand, some of these PHA-SOMDEJ amulets sell higher price. ?

The secret to their power is their ability to channel the energy of the primordial world into the life of the user.? Good fortune, protection from negative forces, protection from demonic forces, enhancement of spiritual energy, and increase in the strength of the aura are the primary attributes of these PHA-SOMDEJ talismans.

The PHA-SOMDEJ talismans are conscious elementals.? They have an indwelling intelligence, consciousness, and power separate from that of the user.? They are an active form of spiritual protection.? ?

It is very important that the owner should be treated each PHA-SOMDEJ talisman with respect.

?There are no special prayers or mantras that accompany this PHA-SOMDEJ talisman.? It has already been empowered to protect its new owner.

Ownership of the talisman may be transferred from one person to another, but the above rules must be observed by each owner.

This is a great item is a unique piece of the Siam Buddha amulet.?There are in durring of 13th-19th century Siam Buddha.?

?Them first fond 60 years ago around arer of Old grand temple, center of?old?capital, which was one of the most important ancient Buddha image of the siam Kingdom.?
Surmiseed who built this amulet is a great king because On a past times many buddha image was erected for a cremation of famous Siam King .
And It found again in crypt of the stupa at many temple in uper central Thailand, when Department of Religious Affairs and Fine Arts Department are to renovate old temple?during yers 1920-1970.?
It very marvelous highly detailed Ancient Siam style!?

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